Need Beats?

Beatalyst 5: The Lotus Mark

Instrumental collection from songs featured on Bossalaus: The Mark of the Lotus

Beatalyst 4: Select XPS

Potent non-exclusive beats well suited for hip-hop projects. A handsome post 3000 series collection. Beatalyst, for people that love beats.

Beatalyst 3: Moscow Love

Contemplative ballads and romantic themes inspired by a Russian beauties. Produced by Lavish Beatz.

Beatalyst 2: Eyes of Odin

Decade worth of themes, beats, tunes, and arrangements that inspire and even frighten. Creatively arranged, spanning a variety of genres. Suitable for project / film use.

Beatalyst 1: Kings of the Evergreen

Instrumental version of 509 Wreckerz album – Kings of the Evergreen. Beats produced by Xplosif, Humble 1, Lavish Beatz, and Hessy of Traphyk Ent.